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COVID-19 Updates

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September 9th update (Letter to registered families):

Hello Soccer Families!

Thanks for your support this season. We are greatly looking forward to seeing our players having a great time on the fields this Saturday


Rhode Island state authorities are checking that groups are following guidelines. We must pass inspection when they arrive to continue our season. Please read all information and instructions to help keep our players safe and our season open.


It is important to know the coach’s name and how to locate them prior to arrival on Saturday 9/12! We will not have an information table set up.


If you registered early and do not want your player on a team, OPT OUT HERE before Friday 9/11 to avoid our nonrefundable $75 fee.


Check your player(s) team:

  1. Log in to your account. GotSport (

  2. Click the Team Management tab. The team name contains the clinic time and coach name. E.g. U6#4 Stiglic 10:30 

  3. Click the team link (in green) for coach contact and the other team members.

  4. Text or call your coach for instructions on Saturday if you do not hear from him/her asap. Some of your registrations are incomplete or have errors. The parent volunteers are getting this information when you get it so temper expectations please. Thanks to all of them for volunteering for our community!


Contact Gregg Davies, our House Director, if you do not see a team. Some registrations have not been completed or have errors so players haven’t been assigned in the system. They have a team, you just can’t see it until you fix their registration.


EGSA is following stable group guidelines set forth by the Rhode Island state government. We can not make changes to your team or time and disrupt the stable groups. If you think your player is in the wrong age division, contact our House Director prior to Saturday.


Coaches will reach out with specific information on how to locate them for the first clinic. E.g. Coach X is wearing an orange hat and waving a green hand. 


Coaches will create and communicate practice/scrimmage schedules (U6 and up). 



Little Kickers, U6, U8, U12 - Frenchtown Lower Field 1 (from parking lot look to lower field gate - #1 is on the left.)

U10 - Frenchtown Upper Field 1 (from parking lot look to upper fields - #1 is on the left.)


Team practices will be at Frenchtown Fields (U6 and up). Your coach will communicate when and what field.

Saturday Foot Skills Schedule 

Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early before each session unless instructed by your coach for the first clinic.


Do not stay at the field after clinics or practices. Many of us have not seen each other in a long time but player safety is the most important. Other players will be arriving for their clinics so we cannot allow lingering or congestion.


8:30 - 9:15 am Little Kickers -1 (Lower Field 1 - when looking at gate from lot, field on the left)

9:30 - 10:15 am Little Kickers -2 (Lower Field 1 - when looking at gate from lot, field on the left)

10:30 - 11:15 am U6 -1 (Lower Field 1 - when looking at gate from lot, field on the left)

11:30 - 12:15 pm U6 -2 (Lower Field 1 - when looking at gate from lot, field on the left)

12:30 - 1:30 pm U10 (Upper Field 1 - when looking up from lot, field on the left)

12:45 - 1:30 pm U8 -1 (Lower Field 1 - when looking at gate from lot, field on the left)

1:45 - 2:30pm U8 -2 (Lower Field 1 - when looking at gate from lot, field on the left)

2:45 - 3:45 pm U12  (Lower Field 1 - when looking at gate from lot, field on the left)

Player Equipment

All players must bring a soccer ball, water bottle, shin guards (U6 and up), and wear a face mask (arriving and leaving the fields). We cannot allow shared equipment contact Angelique Stiglic before Saturday if you cannot purchase the required equipment for your player.


Have players ready before getting out of the car.

Drop Off/Pick Up

When you arrive, give your player instructions for walking into the gate and finding their coach (older kids) or walk up outside the fence with your player (one adult only) and point the coach out (younger players*).


*We realize this is difficult for our youngest and most timid players. Maintain social distance, wear a mask, and do your best to encourage them to the field without you. It is developmentally appropriate for a Little Kicker to watch soccer for a while before getting involved. We don’t want to pressure them, we want them to have a positive experience and play when they are ready. Flag the coach down or text the coach to bring the player’s jersey and let them ease onto the field when they are ready.


Everyone is required to wear a face mask in the parking lot and where six feet of social distancing can not be maintained. 

Player Safety

Safety is our top priority. Coach Rushy and Coach Connor have been running soccer clinics all summer with the approval of the state and within state guidelines. They will be applying the same safety measures for our season this fall.


Players are allowed to remove their face masks as soon as they enter the playing area and find their coach. Coaches will instruct players to keep water bottles 6 ft from other players for water breaks.


Instruct your players on what to expect prior to Saturday. They must maintain social distance or wear a mask unless in active play.


Coaches must maintain 6 feet of distance from players and encourage players to do the same. Coaches will assist during the clinics to maintain social distance and relay instructions from the Challenger coach.


If a player or coach is sick, DO NOT attend practices or clinics.


Only players, parent coaches, and Challenger coaches are allowed on or around the playing field (inside lower field gates or on upper field hill). Everyone else must stay at least 14 feet away from the playing field and maintain six feet from each other at all times.


Jerseys will be given to the coach only. Please do not approach the coach table unless you are a coach. 


Since we are not playing sanctioned games, we will be lenient with our normal requirement of black shorts and socks. Please have players wear jerseys each time the team meets. It is very important during clinics.

Weather Alerts

Text EGSA02818 to 84483 from your mobile phone to receive mobile text alerts for weather delays or cancellations.

As the season gets underway, questions are asked, and more information is available, these guidelines may change. See our website for Covid-19 updates regularly .

Please email Gregg Davies, House Director, with any questions.

August 27 update:
See the Fall 2020 page for more details!

All information here is based on what we know today. We will follow state guidelines and guidelines set forth by SoccerRI and USYS. The safety of our players and volunteers are of the utmost importance.

We are processing credit cards on September 12th with our non-refundable fee of $75.

Our House League season is scheduled for 7 weeks on Saturdays starting Sept. 12 through Oct. 24.

Get ready for the season with your free membership on the TopYa App! Click on the TopYa! menu item on this website.

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