Little Kickers


Little Kickers

EGSA's Co-ed Little Kicker program introduces our youngest players to soccer! We want them to learn to use their feet and become comfortable with their ball, other players, and our Challenger trainers.

Little Kickers play one day per week for a 45-minute foot skills clinic. We divide players into two groups and assign a clinic time. The time in your player's team name is the time they arrive at the field. Teams are formed and begin to scrimmage as the season progresses, based on group comfort levels.

Foot skills clinics are coached by Challenger trainers. Parent coaches hand out jerseys and help EGSA with communication to team families.

Parents are welcome to help their players acclimate to being on the field. Our goal is to have this age group look at "going to soccer" positively. if they are on a playground or on the sideline watching, that is o.k.! Keep it positive and lower the pressure on yourself and your player. Almost all players choose to join us eventually and end up having a great experience.

How to find team information.

This website has general information about the season and EGSA. The GotSport registration system is where we create teams and make schedules. Use both to determine your player's team and schedule as they become available.
Little Kicker team names contain the time to arrive at the field!
(Ex. the "Dunkin' 8:00" team arrives at 8:00 am.)

When you login to GotSport, you are in your own account. Go to the "Family" tab to find your player and get their team information.


Birth years: 2019 and 2020

Should be 3 years old by 4/1/2024

Spring '23 Little Kicker Season Dates 

Little Kickers play at an easement field next to Meadowbrook Elementary (2 Chestnut Drive). Signs will be out to direct families. 

Players arrive at the time specified in the team name!

Some teams are scheduled at 8:00 am and some are scheduled at 9:00 am.

Gamedays (Clinic Days for our Little Kickers!):


EGSA House League uniforms are black shorts, black socks, any color cleat, and EGSA-issued team jerseys.

Player Responsibilities:

Ball Guidelines

If you would like assistance with your player's uniform, equipment, or registration fee, please contact our registrar.