House League FAQ

General Information about the House League

Visit the division pages for specifics about each age group.

Division Page Links

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Little Kickers, born 2020 and 2019 (Must be 3 years old by 4/1/2024.) 

U6 Division, born in 2018

U7/U8 Division, born 2017 and 2016

U9/U10 Division, born 2015 and 2014

U11/U12 Division, born 2013 and 2012

2011 & Older Division, born 2011 or earlier

What is the House League?

The EGSA House League provides a recreational soccer experience for children ages 3 to 12. Soccer offers a child the opportunity to participate in a team sport, to enhance their physical fitness and self confidence, and to learn good sportsmanship and the benefits of team play.  

This is all accomplished while developing soccer skills.

Our House League programs teach the game of soccer in a fun, stress-free and supportive environment.  Tryouts are not required.  New players,  of all ages and abilities, are encouraged to join the House League. All you need to do is register your player for each session during the registration period. 

EGSA wants to support all kids who want to play. As players get older and other league options are available, town soccer registration wanes. If your child, older than 12, wants to play, find some friends and we will do the rest!

How are divisions created? What division is my player in?

EGSA follows USYS guidelines regarding division placement. The GotSport registration system places players in the correct division based on their birth year according to the birth year policy instituted by USYS in 2016. It is highly unlikely that the system made a mistake. See the USYS chart at the bottom of this webpage to determine your player's age group. 

Here is one article explaining the age guidelines:

There is no "playing down" in house soccer. The division of the team is based on the oldest player, therefore, if a player is placed in a younger league, all the players would be moved up. Obviously, this doesn't make sense so will not happen. Birth year registration means players with December birthdays will be the youngest in their division while players with January birthdays will be the oldest. Each school grade has a mix of players in the younger and older divisions. Your player's division assignment stays the same for both the fall and spring seasons even after they have a birthday. For example, if a player registers in the fall and is 7 years old, they will be placed in the U8 division ("U" means "under"). If they turn 8 in December, they are still placed in the U8 division for the spring season. One season they will be a "younger" player and the next season they will be a "older" player.

For U11 and older divisions: We are attempting a partnership with EWGYSA (Exeter/West Greenwich to create a fun soccer experience for these divisions. Visit the division page for more information. ou can help by rallying friends and peers of your middle-school aged player! Do you have ideas to help us remedy this situation? Email

What days does the House League play?

In the Fall, EGSA plays on Saturdays. In the Spring, we play on Sundays.

Where does EGSA play?

EGSA uses local schools and parks generously provided by the Town of East Greenwich. Visit our Fields page for locations.

When do I register?

The House League season is divided into three sessions:

Follow us on Facebook! We put registration and details on our page.

Can we request specific teams or players?

EGSA does not allow player requests in the House League except by volunteer coaches.  Parent volunteer coaches can request two players outside of their family. 

Visit this page for information and time commitment per division for parent coaches! If you can host a playdate, you can be a parent coach! We also provide volunteer hours for student coaches.

We typically notice same-aged siblings and place them together. If we missed yours, contact our House Director.

What are the fees and policies I should consider before registering?

As a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization, refunds are generally not offered, but will be considered on a case by case basis until Friday March 31st. EGSA will retain a $10 administrative fee for any refunds processed. We will, happily, credit your account for a future season.

Due to the expense of ordering uniforms, administering player registrations, insurance, etc., beginning on Saturday, August 15th, no refunds will be issued but we will credit your account for a future season.

House League fees and policies:

The registration fee should not be a barrier to participation for any family. If your player would benefit from a full or partial scholarship, please send an email with a brief explanation of need to

What do I need to purchase for a uniform?

EGSA House League uniforms are black shorts, black socks, any color cleat, and EGSA-issued team jerseys.

Player Responsibilities:

Ball Guidelines

If you would like assistance with your player's uniform, equipment, or registration fee, please contact our registrar.

What size ball does my player need?

Little Kickers can wear sneakers or cleats.

Size 3 - Little Kickers, U6, and U8 divisions (players up to age 8)

Size 4 - U10 and up (players 8-12) 

What is the inclement weather policy?

EGSA's top priority is the safety of our players, coaches, and families. We also strive to protect the fields, which are, generously, provided to us by the Town of East Greenwich. Sometimes, the weather changes quickly over the course of a game or practice and it calls for the best judgement of our coaches. In general, EGSA games and practices will proceed rain or shine. The exceptions to this rule are torrential rain, thunderstorms, or other unsafe weather occurrences (very high wind, extreme cold or heat, hail, hurricanes, etc). Regarding thunderstorms, at the first sight of lightening or the first sound of thunder, our coaches will instruct players to take shelter. Coaches and players must then wait 30 minutes from the last occurrence of lightning or thunder until the game or practice may resume. If conditions are determined to be unsafe for an indeterminate period of time, the coach may decide to dismiss the players for the remainder of the session. In the event of cancellations of games or practices/clinics, EGSA will make its best effort to inform parents of the affected players as soon as possible via email. You can also expect to hear from coaches regarding cancellations. We, rarely, makeup games for the House League due to holidays, school schedules, and lack of field availability. Travel League coaches will be prompted to schedule makeup games by SuperLiga.

Where do I find the clinic and practice schedules?

Division-Specific Pages

Little Kickers - clinic only, one morning per week. The time your player shows up to the field is in the name of the team.

U6 Division - clinic followed by short game, one day per week. The time your player shows up to the field is in the name of the team. Games are in the same location and begin immediately after the clinic at at numbered field.

U7 Division - one 45 minute game on the weekend and one 45 minute clinic on a weeknight.

U8 Division- one 45 minute game on the weekend, one 45 minute clinic on a weeknight, one team practice determined and communicated by the parent coach.

U10 - U13 Divisions - one 45 minute game on the weekend, one 1-hour clinic on a weeknight, one team practice determined and communicated by the parent coach.

Where do I find the game schedules & team information?

The GotSport registration system is where EGSA creates teams and schedules. For all divisions U7 and older, use the system to get game schedule information and communicate with teammates and coaches. We will also post a link with game schedules. 

Your role in GotSport will change the appearance of your dashboard and available features. Remember to click on your player's name to get their schedule! When you log in, you will not see a schedule since you are not the player! Click on "Family" then your player's name to view their team and schedule.

Check spam and junk folders for emails.

What are EGSA Holidays?

We play on Saturdays in the fall and Sundays in the Spring. These are the holidays we take off:

Note - We play on Mother's Day every year and on Father's Day if our season extends to it!

Can my player wear an arm cast or brace?

Speak with your player's doctor about their ability to play in a cast or wrap. Please protect other players by wrapping the implement. Your doctor may have recommendations. For example, bubble wrapping a hard cast. EGSA defers to the decision of the referee regarding casting. If a referee does not allow a cast or other implement, EGSA will support them in their decision. 

What is EGSA Fun Day?

EGSA Fun Day is the kick off event for Fall soccer! All House League players meet at East Greenwich High School for a day of soccer. Players meet their coaches and teams, receive jerseys, take soccer pictures for our sponsor's plaques (parents can order pictures too), and can watch other divisions play games. There will be face painting, tattoos, music, and games. The Rhode Island FC will join the fun from 9-12.

Fun Day '23 

us soccer birth year and season matrix.pdf