U6 Division

This is Fall'23 information. Check back for Spring '24 details!

U6 Division

EGSA's Co-ed U6 Division introduces players to games and rules! The U6 players take foot skills clinics to continue learning ball control, then play a 20 minute game, introducing them to the goals and working in a team

The U6 division plays one day per week and there are no team practices. The clinic and game are played at the same location. The clinic is first, then teams are assigned a field and an opposing team for the game. Families simply move from the clinic area to the assigned field for the match!

Foot skills clinics are coached by Challenger trainers. The game is managed by the parent coach who ensures each player has equal playing time and everyone is playing nicely. Parent coaches also hand out jerseys and medals, and help EGSA with communication to team families. This is a great time! 

EGSA's Referee mentorship program has grown enough that we can provide referees for this age group for Spring '24. We hope to cover all games but there may still be a few that parents will have to referee. Please see the Parent Coach webpage for expectations and information.

How to find team information.

This website has general information about the season and EGSA. The GotSport registration system is where we create teams and make schedules. Use both to determine your player's team and schedule as they become available.

Teams and schedules will be available in April after all parent coach spots are filled!
The U6 team names contain the time to arrive at the field!
(Ex. The "Dunkin' 10:00" team arrives at 10:00 am. for the clinic.)


When you login to GotSport, you are in your own account. Go to the "Family" tab to find your player and get their team information.

Spring '24 U6 Clinics & Games

Birth years: 2018

U2 teams play at an easement field next to Meadowbrook Elementary (2 Chestnut Drive). Signs will be out to direct families. 

Players arrive at the time specified in the team name!

First, the teams take a 30-minute foot skills clinic, then they play a 20-minute game on an assigned field with an assigned opponent.


Spring '24 U6 10:00 am Online Game Schedule

A link to the schedule will be posted here prior to the season start.

Spring '24 U6 11:00 am Online Game Schedule

A link to the schedule will be posted here prior to the season start.


EGSA House League uniforms are black shorts, black socks, any color cleat, and EGSA-issued team jerseys.

Player Responsibilities:

Ball Guidelines

If you would like assistance with your player's uniform, equipment, or registration fee, please contact our registrar