U7/U8 Division

We are changing this age group to gendered teams rather than co-ed.

Please contact our House Director with questions or if you have twins and want them on the same team.

U7/U8 Division

EGSA's U7/U8 division has a weekly clinic on one evening, one team practice per week (parent-coach schedules and communicates this) and a game on the weekend (Saturdays in the fall and Sundays in the spring). 

Foot skills clinics are coached by Challenger trainers. The parent coach ensures each player has equal playing time during the game and the game rules are being followed. Parent coaches choose the team practice day and time, hands out jerseys, and help EGSA with communication to team families.

How to find team information.

Teams and schedules will be available in April after all parent coach spots are filled!

This website has general information about the season and EGSA. The GotSport registration system is where we create teams and make schedules. Use both to determine your player's team and schedule as they become available. 


When you login to GotSport, you are in your own account. Go to the "Family" tab to find your player and get their team information.

Spring '24 U7/U8 Clinics & Games

Birth years: 2016 & 2017

Foot Skills Clinic, Boys

Mondays 4:30-5:15 beginning 4/22 @ Frenchtown Elementary Lower Fields (1100 Frenchtown Rd.) and ending 6/10. No clinics on Memorial Day. We do play memorial weekend.

Foot Skills Clinic, Girls

Tuesdays 4:30-5:15 beginning 4/23 @ Frenchtown Elementary Lower Fields (1100 Frenchtown Rd.) and ending 6/11.

Team Practices

Team practices are determined and organized by the parent coach or parent manager. Boys teams are encouraged to AVOID Tuesdays and Thursdays and Girls are encouraged to AVOID Mondays and Wednesdays due to Lacrosse practices. Coaches may ask families if both sports are being played to determine if practices conflict.

Spring '24 Games

Boys play at either 9:00 or 10:00 based on opponent.

Girls play at either 10:00 or 11:00 based on opponent. 

Fields: Frenchtown Elementary, Lower Fields (1100 Frenchtown Rd.)


Spring '24 U7/U8 Online Game Schedules

Boys Division Schedule

Girls Division Schedule

Spring '24 Practice Schedule

Some teams do not practice due to lack of parent availability. EGSA is a volunteer run and operated organization. If you can host a playdate, you can be a parent coach. See this page for more information: Parent Coaching

Spr24_Practice Schedule_FT


EGSA House League uniforms are black shorts, black socks, any color cleat, and EGSA-issued team jerseys.

Player Responsibilities:

Ball Guidelines

If you would like assistance with your player's uniform, equipment, or registration fee, please contact our registrar.